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We create magical events


We handle your event with great professionalism and consistency. Trust us your wedding, your child’s baptism of any other event or party. We will create an atmosphere that will make your evening unforgettable and magical!

All of our events are based on a plan we’ve put together. We discuss your desires and needs and together we create a great result!


Music is the most important part of the evening. Music wakes you up, calms you down, captivates you. Whether it’s a DJ or an orchestra, we can together create the perfect plan for an unforgettable musical journey.

In addition to Dj and / or orchestra, we provide you with all the necessary audio equipment you need for unmatched sound and music quality.

Photo & Video

Capture the best moment of your life forever in a photo album and impressive videos.

Keep the memories of a special night alive forever!

We work with the best professionals for photography, video and panoramic video drones!

Lights & Show

Creating an unforgettable atmosphere, in addition to music coverage, includes other things. Give your guests a unique spectacle experience!

We provide you with unique lighting, both in constant ambient lighting, as well as in photomorphic and robotic heads, creating a striking atmosphere. The evening is also magical with the use of special smoke machines.

Equipment Installation

In addition to our professional equipment, we also place great emphasis on setting up the event. We set up our equipment in the best possible way, so that no hanging cables or machinery are seen.

All of our machines and cables are hidden behind special designs and fabrics, offering a more beautiful and secure space.

Even more …

We work with so many professionals who frame an event. Apart from all the music, lighting, photography, video etc, they need more for a beautiful event.

We can offer you even more.




And much more …

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